Sports broadcast (스포츠중계) began with newspapers and radio and continued together with Television broadcasts and now it has developed into a scenario at which digital systems will also be included. This technology facilitates the utilization of institutions and persons participated in printing and reporting, and enable them to transfer data and broadcasts faster and with higher quality. Along with providing an benefit to those who produce this content, the material also gives the viewer with distance and enables usage of content without the time separation.

Developing network from social media

The Simplicity of access To electronic media articles, appeal to a bigger crowd, providing feedback, and also perhaps not needing a huge investment, even making social networking stations digital invited to start until this field. Certainly one of the locations that attract the interest of those people sports activities can be understood in social networking stations in addition to in traditional settings. It has become open to the masses. In this sense, face-book, Twitter, and also societal media marketing such as YouTube are just one of the most social websites for the novel of sports-related content.

Formulated in engineering

Assessing the Digital transformation from broadcasting connected with athletics, which attracts world wide attention, attracts societies jointly, and some times causes undesirable advancements, can inspect the quality of digital broadcasting along with its potential future. It’s important in terms of providing clues. Inside this investigation, a lot more in Turkey. It intends to examine digital developments in sports broadcasting, which may have not been managed adequately and updated previously.

The literature Inspection procedure was found at the study. Study data regarding the area of Sports broadcast and electronic media in Turkey whose organizations’ webpages and instructional studies about them have been accessed. From athletics journalism to sports broadcasting at the first portion of the study. The second part is moved into the digital transition and improvements inside the realm of sports broadcasting in Turkey have been all discussed.